About us

Debitum collectio – Latin for “debt collection”

We take a personal approach to the debt collection process. In interaction with the debtor, we try to find the fastest way to collect the money and guarantee that we only act in the interests of the customer.
We choose our work strategy based on the specifics of a particular customer’s business and by observing the customer’s business risk.

Our priority is to keep our promises, and we will not promise anything that we are unable to do.

Our team members have long-term experience in law enforcement, security, and safety organizations. This gives us a great advantage over other collection companies as the debt collection process requires knowledge of and experience in both civil and enforcement proceedings as well as in criminal proceedings if necessary. What we offer to our customers basically means trust and competence.

Based on our work experience, we can offer you various solutions for debt collection, even if at first glance it might seem hopeless for you.