Extrajudicial debt collection

In extrajudicial debt collection proceedings, we will make every effort to ensure that the debtor starts paying the debt as soon as possible. First, we will verify the debtor’s background and solvency. We will talk to the debtor and find a solution for payment of debt that satisfies both parties. If no agreement is reached, we will use all legal options to enforce and collect the claim.

We will prepare and send reminder and warning letters to the debtor. If necessary, we will enter into debt payment agreements and draw up payment schedules with the debtor. We will represent creditors at notaries’ offices when concluding notarised agreements, and publish the debtor’s debts in public registers and on our website.

Extrajudicial debt collection is the fastest and most efficient way to collect a debt. Within the procedure, the debtor is contacted and an agreement is concluded for payment of the debt, taking account of the debtor’s financial capacity.


As a rule, the extrajudicial debt collection process is simple if the claim is clear and uncontested and the debtor is not permanently insolvent.
We advise the creditor to start the extrajudicial debt collection procedure as soon as possible.

Our experience shows that if one starts the debt collection procedure immediately they will likely have their claim satisfied. The older the claim, the more difficult it is to collect it, plus, the debtor’s liquidity changes over time.