For the creditor

If someone owe you

If someone owes you and has not paid the debt by the agreed deadline, you can contact us.

We will offer you options for collecting the debt, i.e. to start collection proceedings, claim proceedings, an action, enforcement proceedings or bankruptcy proceedings. For this, we offer the creditor a comprehensive service which includes everything from the analysis of the source documents up to filing the necessary applications in action proceedings, enforcement proceedings and bankruptcy proceedings.

Should it appear, during the analysis of the documents, that the debtor has committed a crime – embezzlement, fraud, intentional insolvency, forgery, etc., we will file a criminal report to the prosecutor’s office or the police.

We represent creditors in criminal proceedings and will file all the necessary documents for you.

We will also help collect debts from debtors living and working outside the territory of the Republic of Estonia. We will carry out background checks on such debtors and determine the legal position to approach them.

Your claim falls due when the agreed deadline has passed (the deadline for payment of the invoice issued, the deadline fixed in a contract, the payday, etc.). So, you will have a legal basis to demand that the debtor, i.e. the obligated party, fulfil his/her obligation (pay the invoice issued, provide the service promised, pay the wages).

First of all, we recommend that you send a written claim to the obligated party in which you present your claim. This letter of claim may be written in free form. Here is an example: “On 2 January 2021, I signed a commercial lease agreement with you, according to which I undertook to give you a loader to use and you undertook to pay me for the use of the loader. I have fulfilled my contractual obligations and rented my loader to you for the period of 2 January to 10 January 2021, but you have not paid the rental invoice No. 12 that I have issued in the amount of 350 euros. As of today, the payment deadline for invoice No. 12 has passed and you have failed to fulfil your contractual obligations. Please fulfil your contractual obligation to pay the rental invoice No. 12 in the amount of 350 euros as soon as possible, but on 20 February 2021 at the latest.”

If the debtor does not respond to your letter of claim and does not attempt to find an agreement/solution to eliminate the debt, you must turn to either a debt collection company or the court to collect your claim.

We advise legal persons on:

  • when a claim is to be recorded in the accounts as doubtful and when as irrecoverable;
  • how to assess short-term and long-term claims;
  • how claims for collection, court or for enforcement proceedings are accounted for;
  • how the interest calculated on the claims is accounted for.

We issue instruments to write off doubtful and irrecoverable claims.

We will assist you in debt collection so that you can dedicate yourself to your core business.

Contact us for a professional and personal debt collection service.