Judicial debt collection

Judicial debt collection is usually due to the debtor being unavailable or contesting the debt.

Often, debtors maliciously contest the debt in order to gain time or hide their assets. Before going to court, it should be analysed whether and which legal positions the creditor would have in the court proceedings. Court proceedings are time-consuming and resource-intensive. Often, the creditor goes to court for years and wins, but is still unable to enforce the claim against the debtor. To enforce a claim, the bigger picture should be looked at instead of assessing the court judgment and the claim from the perspective of a lawyer alone.

We will represent you in debt collection in all court instances. We will prepare and file all documents needed for expedited payment order proceedings, action proceedings, enforcement proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings, and reorganisation proceedings. If necessary, we will file a report of a criminal offense against the debtor to the prosecutor’s office or the police.

We will do the difficult things straight away and the impossible ones will take some time.