Representing the creditor in interaction with the debtor

It may often seem that the only efficient way to collect a debt is to take legal action, but other, less costly options should also be considered before bringing an action.

Our aim is to sell the debtor the idea of the profitability of paying the debt, i.e., why the debtor should pay the debt. Proper communication ensures that the debt is paid.

If the creditor fails to collect a debt from a debtor, the debt claim will expire within 3 years after the claim becoming collectible.

It is wise to invest time in pre-trial negotiations and find a compromise that satisfies both the debtor and the creditor.

Once a compromise is reached, it may be discovered that the debtor does not have sufficient resources to pay the debt. In this case, an option must be found in cooperation with the debtor to lay down the circumstances of the debt. The best solution is to conclude a notarised acknowledgement of obligation with immediate compulsory enforcement. This also serves as an enforcement instrument for the creditor.

Often, the debtor’s financial situation will improve over time and the possibility of enforcing your debt is more likely if you have an enforcement instrument.

In interaction with the debtor, we will represent you in negotiations and in the preparation and conclusion of agreements and documents (incl. at a notary). We will coordinate our activities with you and will keep you informed of the collection process.

We will also represent you in interaction with the trustee in bankruptcy, the bailiff, the reorganisation adviser, and law enforcement bodies. We will prepare the necessary documents on your behalf (agreements, contracts, statements, complaints, etc.).